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Website Protection

Once you made your website, the fear of its contents being copied or the site being duplicated ie since the source code can be freely viewable is a bothering element. There are softwares to help you prevent this now. It will help by stopping spam robots from extracting the email addresses from the pages as well as there are specialized protection softwares which prevent people from using automated downloaders to download the entire web site content to their hard drives. 

If the data is located in a database, then the data can be protected by means of a web script which will retrieve the data from the database and will also retrieve user information from the database and confirm him with the user name or the password. This is known as database authentication. But database programming needs skinll knowledge and a lot of time. 
When the website viewer opens a file, Apache web server will check the file for .htaccess, is present in the directory. .htaccess has all the details for the server as to who should be shown the documents and who should not. This is really a universal website protection way. and all files can be protected by placing it in this web directory., and be comfortable with the fact that no one can see or execute unless the login information is accurate.

Protecting HTML pages means that we have to protect the whole website where the HTML files are located. The server which displays has to allow the users to view the documents of the directory or not. This ay is popularly known as server authentication. 

One such software is the HTML Protector. HTML Protector offers two JavaScript based encryption methods to choose from and a variety of other features like right click disable, printing disable, password protect your pages, insert copyright information and more! The free trial software can be downloaded from www. l

 Weblock enterprise features.
Features- Password-protects web directories by utilizing Apache's ".htaccess" files 
Allows assignment of multiple web users to multiple web directories at the same time 
Keeps list of web users and list of protected directories (secure list) 
Stores encrypted user passwords in web unreachable area 


Passwords of web users can be quickly changed without reassigning user's access rights to protected directories 
Administration can be localized in desired subdirectory by specifying highest accessible directory during installation 

Allows "on the fly" security administration of live websites without jeopardizing security with further "one-click" application of changes 

Effective backup/recovery mechanism for whole security matrix (Secured directories and Web users). Keeps up to 10 backup copies of security matrix

Multiple Weblock administrators with individual usernames and passwords 
Separation of administrative roles including Regular Administrators and Authorized

 Administrators with authorization privilege. Regular Administrators can make changes to website security but only Authorized Administrators can apply those changes 
Complete help files for every screen 

Enhanced security to prevent use by unauthorized users (prevents use of "Back" button after logout, etc) 
Can be used in combination with Directory Reader to quickly create "Members Only" information lists.

Website password protection script

NeedLock Membership Management System is a PHP script designed to serve as an advanced authentication and membership management tool for Web applications. With NeedLock you will free your data of security risks! It is a password-management script that will guard your resources against any security violation attempts.

NeedLock uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files to restrict users' access to documents on a per-directory basis, i.e. set access permissions and password protect your data. These files contain information about resources to be protected and users allowed to access them


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