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AEROTEL, a leader in the field of Telemedicine, is ISO 9002/EN 46002 certified. The company specializes in medical diagnostic devices for continuous long-term monitoring.


BioControl Systems (BCS) specializes in physiological signal acquistion and neural interface production. For over 18 years, BCS has been developing innovative sensor technology, complex biosignal analysis software, wireless physiological monitoring systems, emotion and gesture based game controllers, devices for musical expression, and interfaces for people with disabilities.


Featured Listings

Dickson: Monitoring Equipment
Offers monitoring, testing and measuring equipment for the healthcare and biotechnology industries.

Mohawk Medical Mall: Heart Rate Monitors
Online distributor offers medical supplies including skin and wound care supplies, diagnostics, orthopedics, and heart rate monitors.

AllHeart: Medical Monitoring Equipment
Supplies monitoring equipment and supplies, including digital blood pressure monitors, sphygmomanometers, EKG electrodes, and gel.



Complete software solutions for  payroll software  for offices, guarding companies, outsourcing companies, exporters, schools... medical softwares like audio vestibular data management system, gynaecological software


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Pedometers are worn on the hip and based on your body's movements, your pedometer will count your the number of steps you stride, and after you cover the entire length the pedometer will calculate the distance walked and also calculate the approximate number of calories burned.

Pedometers and step counters serve a dual purpose. First, they measure an exercise regimen, such that if it advised a 2-mile walk every other day, the pedometer could inform the wearer when that objective had been met. Second, they allow the wearer to keep track of walking patterns during a regular day, outside of an exercise program.

Some features to look for are step counting, distance, stopwatch, clock, calories, total calories, and multi-day memory. The FitSense [] by FitMed Inc. works differently by putting the sensor on the shoe rather than on the waist. It includes a watch that monitors heart rate, a heart strap for full cardiovascular feedback, and the ability to download the details of the workout session to a PC [HeartMonitors Pedometers].

View and read reviews of Pedometers 
Omron Body Logic Digital Pedometer Omron Body Logic Digital Pedometer
Pedometers Omron
Product Rating: 5.0
4 consumer reviews
Freestyle 598 Pacer Pro Pedometer 59801 Freestyle 598 Pacer Pro Pedometer 59801
Pedometers Freestyle
Product Rating: 5.0
1 consumer review
Oregon Scientific Pedometer with Pulse Meter PE316PM Oregon Scientific Pedometer with Pulse Meter PE316PM
Pedometers Oregon Scientific
Product Rating: 5.0
1 consumer review

Top picks

Sportline 360 Fitness Pedometer

Loaded with features this pedometer is small and extremely accurate. With a two line display, you can see your number of steps as well as your calories, speed, or amount of time you have been walking without having to stop and press any buttons.

Also features seven day history (a great feature), a clock and clear cover which prevents accidental button pushes and resets.

Sportline 330 Electronic Step Pedometer

This pedometer only counts steps, but it is inexpensive as well as one of the most accurate and reliable. A clear cover prevents accidental button pushes and resets. Ideal those who want to count steps and want to avoid a huge investment.





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