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Data storage equipment

Data Storage is a big concern be it a large data warehouse or a small firm. There are several technologies for data storage like SAN ie Storage area network. it is a high-speed network of shared storage devices that provide storage management. Now the next issue is data backup. Traditional way of backups were onto magnetic tapes but now its common to see real time disc to disc backup which allows for no loss and low cost of ownership.

Featured Product - ET 60 Data Storage System for SAN with Remote Control

Network attached storage systems(NAS)

Network-attached storage(NAS)
  1. eCrux 5000 storage system: economic data storage system for SAN, based on 1Gbps fiber channel and ultra 160 interface with maximum 8TB data storage
  2. eCrux 5600 storage system: middle to large data storage system for SAN, based on 2G and 1Gbps fiber channel and ultra 320/160 interface with maximum 13TB data storage as well as superior system credibility
  3. eCrux 6500 storage system: enterprise data storage system for SAN, based on 2G and 1Gbps fiber channel and ultra 320/160 interface with maximum 16TB data storage as well as significant expandability and functions
  4. Features:
  • Central control of the data helps users avoid the overlapping investment and data loss

  • Continuous data processing service by the plural provision of main parts

  • Reduction of the response time of middle to large applications through the unique processor

  • Data protection by the unique data storage and management through various and expert data management system

  • Large amount data storage system (up to 8TB, 13TB, 16TB according to the models)

  • Remote control of the system with convenient management of data and equipments using the network

  • Easy system and data management with graphic interface

Know more about this product at

Other Data Storage devices - Hard disc storage solution

Its applications include External Storage, Primary Removable Hard Drive, Backup, Disaster Recovery.

DataVault 3DX Portable Hard Drive

High Capacity:  Up to 250 GB

Revolutionary Shock absorption

Enables 3.5 enterprise hard drives to be used for rotation and archival.

Includes fan for high RPM drives

High speed:  Uses 7,200 RPM drive

Macintosh OS, Windows 2000/ME/XP, Linux compatible

Restore data in minutes

more details of the product at

CD/DVD Duplicators 

CDME 95248, CDME 95028

High speed CD rom drive

48X High Speed CD-Rewriters

Write speed is CD-R -  48X, CD-RW - 24X

Supported cd format - Cd-Audio, Video CD, Karaoke CD, CD-ROM (Mode1/ Mode2)
CD-Rom/XA (Mode 2 form1/ form2),
CD -Extra, Mixed-mode, CD_I, Photo-CD

CDMT 5i, CDMT 7i Stand-alone IDE CD Duplicators, support data, audio and video formats

High Speed CD-Rom Drive

48X High Speed CD-Rewriters

cd write speed -CD-R -  48X, CD-RW - 24X

supported cd format - Cd-Audio, Video CD, Karaoke CD, CD-ROM (Mode1/ Mode2)
(Mode 2 form1/ form2), Cd -Extra, Mixed-mode, CD_I, Photo-CD

data capicity - 650MB(74min disc), 700MB (80min disc)

operating modes - Copy Disc, Test Copy Disc, Raw Copy, Copy Tracks, Quick/ Full Erase Disc


Sony backup and archiving solutions.

Fantastic Dell offers. Up to 25% on selected Dell printers. Data storage devicesalso available here.

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