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Disaster Recovery encription 

Today's scenario is prone to stealing information. It is as simple as a employee armed with a 5 or 10 GB USB flash drive and there your unsecured, encrypted network invites the hacker, to duplicate sensitive data from your workstation or server.
Hence have a look into the plenty of options available today for securing and encrypting your data.
Encryption can be considered as important as firewall. When you send an email of sensitive information, encryption provides security that no unauthorized parties have access to your data. If your password is encrypted, it cannot be duplicated by anyone else so it ultimately proves your identity when you sign on to a computer or use a smart card or an RSA device. 


When you sign an email with an encrypted signature, the email cannot be changed or modified without changing the digital signature. Using digital signatures provides you with proof that a document has not been compromised
Encryption can be used to encrypt documents on your hard drive as well as for email exchange. One must create a encryption plan for your organization, configure encryption over remote connections.

Some plans for your disaster recovery strategy

How can I backup data?

These days there are a lot of options for data backup. Writable CDs and DVDs provide a cheap way to create permanent backups, and create historical archives. USB thumb drives make for a simple way of instantly making a copy of important files. Large hard drives are cheap to buy, and when installed in an external drive enclosure or removable casing, become the most economical way to back up large sets of data.
If you have a Local Area Network (LAN), you can backup important files by simply copying them to other computers.


Some specialized programs that perform a lot of audit functions such as sampling of databases and generating of confirmation letters to vendors and customers. Audit software includes a non-procedural language that lets the auditor describe the computer and data environment without detailed programming.



Powered by NovaNet-WEB, NovaStor's Online Backup Service is a great way to securely backup and restore data anytime, anywhere.

Below are a list of business continuity and disaster recovery planning FAQ's that cover data protection, data backup and disaster recovery plan. If you still have questions about your disaster recovery plan,

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